What do we do?

The company also sells and rents tanks and cylinders, with fixed and mobile tanks at different hours, as well as cylinders of 40 to 210 litres. The company also provides screening and maintenance services for cylinders and valves, with a professional team of technicians and a high-quality inspection unit.

Transport and delivery of liquid gas to all regions of Libya

The company owns liquid gas transport tanks for approximately 25 different hours, approximately 120,000 litres of transport capacity at the same time.

Sale and lease of tanks and cylinders

The company owns fixed and mobile tanks at different hours from 2,000 litres to 20,000 litres. It also owns cylinders of 50 litres and 40 litres. We also have cylinders of 210 litres and 200 litres, which are continuously available in the company’s stores and sites for sale or rent.

Inspection and maintenance of cylinders and fuses

The company has an integrated team of maintenance technicians with a high-quality inspection unit accredited to international standards.

Provision of special gases and high-purity gases

The company has a high stock of special gases and high-purity gases.

Industrial and medical facilities

The company has medical oxygen network spare parts in storage with a highly skilled network installation team.

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