Applications of Acetylene

Acetylene has multiple applications in several industries. The metal fabrication
industry uses acetylene combined with oxygen for cutting, welding, and brazing.
Glass manufacturers use it for lubricating the molds used in the production of
bottles. It is also used for industrial and chemical synthesis in industries, which
have a requirement for applications of the gas.
Atomic industries use acetylene as a fuel for atomic absorption instruments.
Moreover, it is used to bleach paper pulp in the production of paper. Acetylene is
also used for water purification, odor control, tea processing and fermentation.
APPLICATIONS (Industry wise)

Metal fabrication –
Oxygen cutting welding and brazing.
Glass –
Lubrication of bottle production molds
Chemical –
Industrial and chemical synthesis
Atomic –
Fuel for atomic absorption instruments
Paper –
Paper pulp bleaching
Other applications –
Water purification, odour control, tea, fermentation


Acetylene is a gaseous hydrocarbon which is highly flammable. The gas is
colorless, unstable, highly combustible, and has a strong odor resembling garlic.
Acetylene is used in welding and for the manufacture of chemicals as the gas
can produce a very hot flame of over 3000C, when combined with oxygen.
Acetylene is shipped as a stabilized solution under pressure, and dissolved in
Acetone as it is a highly unstable compound and decomposes with ignition within
a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

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