Providing solutions to healthcare

Business areas

Our services in the health sector :

Comprehensive solutions for the healthcare sector, including cabinets, central networking systems, medical equipment and accessories.

Adherence to international standards in the production and supply of medical gases.

Providing a traceable supply chain to meet the needs of hospitals and clinics.

Providing a continuous supply of high quality medical gases to medical facilities.

Providing safe systems for storing and directing medical gases within facilities.

Having a delivery team working around the clock to meet customer requirements on time.

Providing medical liquid oxygen gas.

Providing  medical mixture gases.

Pure Gases (Liquid & Compressed)

Carbon Doxide99.99%
Nitrous Oxide99.9%
Providing solutions to healthcare

Our services to the healthcare sector from supplying medical gas include storage, installation of equipment, accessories and a team of dedicated emergency delivery staff. For hospitals, we supply medical gases, pure liquid and compressed gases, gas mixtures for blood gas analyzers, gas mixtures for respiratory disorders and sterilization gas mixtures. Every mixture of medical gases from the Libyan Gas Company complies with global international standards, ensuring that patients receive high-quality products that are safe to use.

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