Liquid Nitrogen Gas (N2)



Freezing and preserving blood, tissues, semen and other biological specimens.
Cryosurgery and cryopreservation.
A source of pneumatic pressure to power gas-operated medical devices.
As a coolant for Carbon Dioxide surgical lasers.
As a component in many gas mixtures: –
A displacement medium for sterile equipment.
A non-oxidizing displacement medium in pharmaceutical vials.
A propellant in pressurised aerosol type dispensers.

Liquid Nitrogen Gas (N2)

Allibiya Gases Company produces many gases, including liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen. The company also has the ability to fill acetylene cylinders, nitrous cylinders, argon gas and carbon dioxide, in addition to providing multiple types of different high-purity gases and mixed gases. Allibiya Gases produce high quality liquid nitrogen gas with purity 99.9995% degree. The nitrogen gas uses of the product can be for a lot more things than you may realize. From food packaging to healthcare sector to electronics production to oil and gas sector to mining, Light Bulb Production , Chemical Plants, Tire Inflation, Electronics, Stainless Steel Manufacturing, Pollution Control, Pharmaceuticals nitrogen gas is used in multiple applications every day.

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