Metal Processing

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Gas Applications

The metal fabrication sector can be subdivided into various sub categories based on the type and composition of metal to be welded. Each technique will employ a specific type of gas/mixture which is most suited for the work metal. Shielding gases are used to create an inert atmosphere around the work area and in certain cases work metal. Shielding gases differentiate by the way the conduct heat and their chemical characteristics.

Pure Gases (Liquid & Compressed)

Cryogenic ProductsPurity
Nitrous Oxide95%
Carbon Dioxide99.99%
Acetylene 98.8%
Pure Gases Mixture
Argon/Carbon dioxide Mixture
Argon/Helium Mixture
Argon/Hydrogen Mixture
Metal Processing

Allibiya gases is a supplier for gases for all types of welding, cutting & shielding .the company has focused on catering to the requirement of this important economy sector. Over the years we have built a diverse portfolio of customers ranging big repaircompanies from heavy steel industries to the smallest weleding workshop.The metal processing sector is one of largest consumers of industrial gases and gas mixtures. It encompasses the use of pure gases such as oxygen, acetylene, argon as well as a wide range of gas mixtures with varying compositions to meet the customer specific requirements.

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