Hydrogen gas


 Uses Of Hydrogen Gas :

Hydrogen finds its most common applications in the production of synthetic ammonia and methanol, petroleum refining, hydrogenation of organic materials, oxyhydrogen torches, and rocket fuel.

In the food and beverage industry, hydrogen plays an important role in the hydrogenation of amines and fatty acids. In the glass production process, it is used in the float glass method, as well as in the heat treatment (using an oxyhydrogen flame) of hollow glass and preforms of optical fibers. In addition, hydrogen is used in the heat treatment of various metals in the metallurgy industry.

In the world of electronics, hydrogen finds application in reducing the atmosphere of microchips. It is also used as a carbon-free energy source in fuel cells by the automotive industry.

Hydrogen gas

Hydrogen, of all gases, is the lightest. It is a colorless gas with high flammability, and is found only in trace amounts within the atmosphere. Hydrogen is manufactured through the conversion of hydrocarbons (such as petroleum and its derivatives) as well as from water, with hydrogen being the lightest component of the H2O molecule. Allibiya Gases company produces several gases, including liquid oxygen gas and liquid nitrogen. The company also has the capacity to fill acetylene cylinders, nitrous cylinders, argon gas and carbon dioxide, as well as to provide multiple types of various high-purity gases and mixed gases. .

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