Carbon Dioxide Manufacturer and Supplier

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Serving a Wide Range of Industries

We distribute carbon dioxide to:

– Food and beverage industries

– Healthcare industry

– Metal fabrication

– Chemical industries

– Oil industry

APPLICATIONS (Industry wise)

Food processing

Carbonating beverages, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and cryogenic freezing.

Health care

Surgical dilation by intra-abdominal insufflations.

Metal fabrication

Shielding welds against oxidation.


Alkali neutralisation, waste treatment.


EOR; Oil well recovery.

Other applications

Extinguishers, pH control, wastewater control.

Carbon Dioxide Manufacturer and Supplier

Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, odorless and non-flammable gas that is formed by the
burning of hydrocarbons with air. It may also be formed by the fermentation of liquids
and as a by-product of chemical processes. It does not sustain life and freezes at –
78.5C to form dry-ice.
We offer compressed carbon dioxide in a gaseous and liquid state, in varying
concentrations and purity levels, including but not limited to beverage grade, food
grade, and USP. The main consumer of bulk liquid carbon dioxide is the food and
beverage industry. The cylinders we provide to the sector are equipped with a valve
for gas and liquid withdrawal.

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